2022 Multistrada V4 S Travel/Radar Aviator Grey (Alloy Wheels)

$25,995.00+ Shipping

Whichever road you decide to take with your new Multistrada V4, be it asphalt or gravel, sand or rocks, you will feel at ease. In every moment of your ride you will experience the pleasure of complete control.

The fourth generation of Multistrada is more versatile and easier to ride than ever. Sport, Travel, Enduro and Urban: four perfectly balanced souls to make the new Multistrada V4 effective and fun in all riding conditions.


1,158 cc (71 cu in)


170 hp (125 kW) @ 10,500 rpm


12.7 kgm (125 Nm, 92 lb ft) @ 8,750 rpm

Dry Weight

218 kg (481 lb)

Seat Height

840-860 mm (33.1-33.9 in)

Safety Equipment

Riding Modes, Power Modes, ABS Cornering, Ducati Traction Control, Ducati Wheelie Control, Daytime Running Light, Ducati Cornering Light, Ducati Brake Light, Vehicle Hold Control

Travel Once and half the world’s circumference of fun.

Ready for long journeys thanks to the navigator that can be viewed on the dashboard and the innovative riding assistance radar system, the new Multistrada V4 will offer you excellent riding comfort. The first important maintenance interval will be only after 37,300 miles.

Adaptive soul

Compared to the previous generation, the compactness of the V4 Granturismo engine and the reduced wheelbase allow more space to be obtained to mount an adjustable saddle capable of meeting all needs. The saddle was redesigned to be more narrow, with a lean center section to increase control in standing maneuvers and flatter to facilitate longitudinal movements. The narrow central section guarantees ease of touching the ground to riders of all heights, a versatility also increased by the two positions on which the saddle is adjustable.make the bike shorter, more agile and with a center of gravity perfectly positioned in the vehicle.

This structure generates an ease of riding that instills safety in every rider, in any riding situation: from long-distance comfort to the pleasure of off-road performance, also enhancing the Ducati sporting DNA.

All chassis balances and engine gears are optimized to reduce vibrations and offer the best possible comfort to the rider and passenger.

Getting on the Multistrada V4 means letting yourself be enveloped by a “bubble of silence”, inside which you can comfortably ride with the helmet open even at high speed. Minimal vibrations maximize comfort, especially over long distances, as does engine noise which is kept to a minimum thanks to reduced gearbox allowances.

Connected Intelligence

One of the great new innovations of the new Multistrada V4 is the adoption of the front and rear radar, new to the two-wheeled world.

A useful system for the implementation of driving aid applications such as the Adaptive Cruise Control and the Blind Spot Detection that helps the rider to identify potentially dangerous situations.

Adjustable in inclination to be perfectly visible whatever the rider’s height, the large dashboard houses a 6.5-inch TFT screen. In color, with high resolution and perfect visibility in any light condition, the new TFT features a new HMI interface, completely redesigned to be more intuitive, easy to use and pleasant to look at.

Available in 6 languages, the dashboard integrates all the information the pilot needs during the journey – including the dynamic navigation map – and is the first dashboard equipped with optical bonding technology, which improves the visibility of the interface and enables dark mode. graphics even during the day.