Ducati Detroit Test your Twin!

Test your twin

Test your twin!

Test your twin! Ever curious on what kind of times you would throw down on your Ducati or do you want to test out that new Power Launch feature on your XDiavel?? Join us for a day at Ubly Dragway and line up next to your riding buddy.
Kickstands up at 9:00am if you’d like to join us for the ride out to Ubly Dragway, otherwise we hope to be there around 11:00-11:30am.
This is a standard test and tune day at Ubly, where they are allowing us to come in with a large group. Gates open at 10am, the dragway will go hot at 12:00pm and goes until 6pm. We will have sandwiches and drinks for our customers that attend, otherwise there is a concession stand on site as well.
Entry fees:
$25 unlimited runs
$10 spectators
10 and under are FREE


The RULES straight from IHRA:

“Sportsman” Motorcycle


1) Front brakes mandatory.

2) Chain guards and clutch covers mandatory.

3) Engine kill switch attached to rider or factory tip over switch is required on 0 to 10.99 1/4 mile and 0 to 6.99 1/8th mile vehicles.

4) A “Snap-Back” throttle required on all vehicles.

5) Rigid front forks are not permitted on any vehicle.

6) All machines must have properly secured seat, foot pegs, and handle grips.

7) Nitrous Oxide permitted on bikes going 9.99 (6.40 1/8th mile) or quicker only. Any unsafe vehicle will not be permitted to race. Any vehicle that exhibits unsafe handling characteristics at any time will be disqualified.


1) Each participant agrees to familiarize himself with all applicable rules and regulations prior to competing in any IHRA sanctioned event.

2) All riders must have boots/shoes above the ankle, leather gloves and a leather jacket. Any rider running quicker than 10.99 1/4 or 6.99 1/8 must also have leather pants. Pants are not required to be zipped together. Nylon or textile jackets and pants are not permitted.

3) Helmet: SN, SA, M or K-2005 or newer mandatory. ECE 22.05 models permitted on bikes running 10.00 or slower in the 1/4 or 6.50 and slower 1/8 mile. See General Regulations.

4) All competitors running 9.99 or quicker 1/4 mile, or 6.40 or quicker 1/8 mile must have valid IHRA Competition License.


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