2015 Ducati 899 Panigale MotoGP Edition ~ $19,995

899 Panigale Street Bike

One of a kind 2015 Ducati 899 Panigale MotoGP edition brought to you by Ducati Detroit.   This bike was originally purchased from Ducati Detroit and completely reworked by the staff at Ducati Detroit over the last few years.

Aftermarket Parts Installed:

  • Akropovic Racing Full Exhaust System
  • MWR Race Air Filter
  • Rexxer ECU Reflash
  • Superlite RS7 520 Conversion Sprockets
  • DID ERV3 520 Conversion Chain
  • Ducati Performance Lightweight Generator
  • Competition Werkes Integrated Tail Light
  • Competition Werkes Fender Eliminator
  • Ducati Performance Carbon Fiber Shock Cover
  • Woodcraft Technologies Adjustable Rearsets
  • Panigale Spacers Throttle Kit
  • CRG Carbon Fiber Brake and Clutch Levers

There is no denying that the addition of the Akropovic full exhaust system not only looks nice, but also adds a throaty growl that is perfectly matched for the Panigale.  Combining the exhaust with the MWR air filter, dramatically increases air flow and in turn, horsepower.  We often use Rexxer for ECU reflash files that are built dependent upon performance upgrades and once installed will smooth out the air/fuel ratio and pull together all the upgrades for optimal performance.  We also installed the DID ERV3 chain and Superlite RS7 front and rear sprockets, converting it to a 520 pitch to reduce weight and give it a little more pep off the line.  Another item that we’ve started installing on most of the Panigale’s that come through the dealership is the Panigale Spacers Throttle Kit, which reduces the slop in the throttle, an almost necessary upgrade for under $30.




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